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Our control panel includes the most well-known Minecraft server versions available. You can tweak the software that runs the server's core after you have chosen Java Edition or Bedrock. The initial version will be chosen at the time of checkout. You can change this at any time. There are a myriad of options in the event that you decide to make use of a Java Edition server, which is more popular with players using PCs. If you would like to personalize your own server, plugins are a great way to do this on Spigot, Bukkit or Paper. You can use one of our packages to create a minigame server like Paintball or MCMMO. Forge is the best server software for modders. You can select which mods you want to use. There are a lot of modpacks you can choose from in the panel, so be sure you check out amazing modpacks from FTB, Technic, and others. If you're not sure what version to begin with our support team can help. MINECRAFT STUFF Each version has its own unique experience, so we suggest you test a few to ensure that you have fun playing with your friends on your server.