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This launcher was rewritten in 2020 and uses primarily an artificial Java Native Interface to communicate to Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. Liberty is not free This 32bit Launcher was also ported to arm64, x86_64 just after it was released on the Google Play Store. AppImageP You can download prebuilt AppImage binary's to run on linux x86_64 as well as x86. After downloading simply open terminal, chmod +x Minecraft_Bedrock_Launcher-x86_64.0.0.661.AppImage and run it. Liberty With certain Filemanagers you can run it by double-clicking, similar to running a *.exe file on Windows. Otherwise run it from a Terminal ./Minecraft_Bedrock_Launcher-x86_64.0.0.661.AppImage If this is your first time installing an AppImage, you will need an Icon in your Startmenu - install AppImageLauncher - run the AppImage as before - AppImageLauncher will ask you to integrate it, press yes - You can now start and update the Launcher directly from your startmenu FlatpakP You can also install mcpelauncher for Linux via Flathub. To install it, you must first setup Flatpak then start If this is your first Flatpak installation, please sign out of your Computer and sign in again to access the Launcher within your start menu. To run it, run macOSP You can find prebuilt macOS binary's here. If not the updater won't work.