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So, we're speaking a few model of Minecraft newer than 1.5, which implies that the game organizes its information slightly differently.Seeing as you possibly can have multiple "profiles" within the newer launcher, and that they will have totally different versions, one might ask: How would possibly they handle all these different versions? It's truly quite simple in the event you give it some thought. Basically, the sport uses a folder containing a number of different folders, each of these containing a .jar and dats file for a certain model of Minecraft.First off, navigate to the AppData folder where the Minecraft recordsdata are located. Assuming you're operating Windows 7, open the file browser and search for "%appdata%". The primary result must be the suitable folder. Alternately, navigate to it manually by going to: "C:/Users/[your username]/AppData/Roaming". Note that AppData is a hidden folder, so enable "Present hidden folders" if you don't have already got it enabled. i'm bonnie and you are Your .minecraft folder must be situated here; open it. There must be a folder labeled "versions", which is what we're going after. Open it and look for a folder with the identical title because the Minecraft version you are searching for; in your case, it will likely be named "1.7.4". Inside this folder needs to be the jar file you're in search of.