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Your creation is now available on Minecraft. These steps can allow you to create an entirely new world in Minecraft, where you can play with it. 1. Press Play: 2. Press Create New: 3. Press Generate Random: 4. Enable Cheats (this will allow invoking special commands that let you easily test your resource) 5. Press Resource Packs and then press the plus button on your Resource Pack 6. Click Behavior Packs, then press the plus button on your Behavior Pack. This procedure is only applicable to mobs. If they haven't changed their behavior, this step will not apply to them. Spawn Mob - Open Minecraft Windows 10 Edition by pressing the "/". Click the console button to access Minecraft Pocket Edition. - To summon your mob simply type "/summon chicken" and then press "/summon" (in this instance, a huge three-headed chicken appears). Minecraft servers list 1) Register for a no-cost account to get more server time. 2) Connect Tynker with your Minecraft account. When you first click "My Server" in the Minecraft section of Tynker and you will be presented with an initial setup window that asks you to connect your Minecraft profile name to Tynker. This is where you need to enter your username. 3) Run Minecraft. Start your Minecraft client. Select the "Multiplayer" button when the game begins. 4) Create a new server. Click the "Add Server" button to connect your Tynker Minecraft server. 5) Enter Tynker's server name. Enter mc.tynker.com into the Server Address field. You can also click the "Server Resources Packs" button until you see "Server Resources Packs: Enabled". That way, you can create your own blocks, items, and mobs. 6) Connect to Tynker. Double-click the server that you just added, or select the server, and click the "Join Server” button. 7) You're connected! Once you have successfully logged in, you should see the screenshot above. 8) Join a server. You can now access your server by typing"/join. Make sure to type "/" before "join". You can join a friend's server by entering /join server-name. (Make sure to type in the name your friend gave you instead of "server-name". 9) Resource Packs Based on the options you chose when you were adding servers, you may be asked to download and install your resource pack. Minecraft servers list These will contain all the blocks, items and mobs that you've created. 10) You're In! Congratulations! Congratulations! What is Tynker + Minecraft? Tynker makes modding Minecraft fun and easy with its easy interface. Get a private server to deploy mods with 1-click and invite friends to explore and play!