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Official server file for hostboring.com’s client. Minecraft roleplay servers This is for the Minecraft server version update with our game panel.Be awareAfter clicking on Download, It might take a while to obtain the file.File Safety Scan Powered by Google.Java Vanilla- 1.17.1Server File: Obtain- 1.18.0Server File: DownloadBedrock Vanilla- File: Obtain- File: ObtainJava Forge- 1.16.5Server File: Obtain- 1.12.2Server File: ObtainJava Paper- 1.18.1Server File: Download- 1.17.1Server File: Download- 1.16.5Server File: ObtainJava Fabric- 1.18Server File: Obtain- 1.17.1Server File: Obtain- 1.16.5Server File: DownloadJava Spigot- 1.18Server File: Obtain- 1.17.1Server File: Obtain- 1.16.5Server File: DownloadAssociated PostsAccount Registration and Server DataStarter’s Guide! Minecraft roleplay servers How Does Server Improve Works? Minecraft roleplay servers HostBoring SitemapHome windows VPSAdd PhotographsThird-Occasion PlatformsPhrases Of ServiceHelp TicketsStatusServer Hosting & CompaniesPromoMerchandisePrivateness PolicyOfficial OccasionMinecraftKnowledgeBaseDiscord ServerAffiliates HyperlinkServer Hosting & CompaniesIP Subdomain | Conceal IP PortMinecraft Bedrock LiteMinecraft Bedrock PremiumMinecraft Diamond ServerMinecraft Gold ServerMinecraft Netherite ServerModpack CreationModpack Set upPlugin Set upPremium Minecraft Server Every day Backup (three Month)Home windows VPS Malaysia BudgetHome windows VPS Malaysia EliteWindows VPS Malaysia LiteWindows VPS Malaysia PremiumWindows VPS Malaysia WorthKnowledgeBaseStarter’s Information!Mistaken Server Specification In Management Panel?Why Is My Minecraft Server Laggingg?!??Software Set upServer.Properties FileMinecraft Server Version File DownloadHow Does Server Upgrade Works?How Do I Change My Server Version?How Do I Backup Server ?File ExplorerFAQConnect Your Virtual Non-public ServerCommands Panel Terminal and In-RecreationAccount Registration and Server InformationContact UsHelp: https://support.hostboring.com/ Contact Us: [email protected]All Rights Reserved. Copyright © 2022 HostBoring.com Our Terms and Privateness Policy. Website Photos Credit score.