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Minecraft is the home of a variety of recreations inspired by other games, including this violent version of Tetris. There are a variety of ways to craft Minecraft's best builds. It's also a great platform to express your creativity and to write love letters to other games. One player is looking for something a bit more modern - Destiny 2 is getting the blocky treatment. Destiny 2 raids can be extremely challenging and should be taken on as a group. They typically involve bizarre mechanics and nasty boss encounters. I LOVE Clan Entropy on YouTube has recreated Last Wish, one of the most difficult raids in the history of the series, in Minecraft however it's only the level itself, with none of the clever mechanics of the raid. The YouTuber, who is posting on Reddit confirms that their recreation includes the entire playable area of raid, built to an 1:1 scale. The entire project was done by a single person, and they began work on it in the month of November 2021 and have been working on it for the past six months. The video itself is full of cool details as well. It took 520,000 blocks to create, and 146 hours to complete. The raid took 107 hours to complete for reference material. We would like to see it available for download in the future particularly since you can alter guns in Minecraft. This could be the first glimpse of playable Destiny 2 in Minecraft. If you're feeling inspired by the entire experience, we have some fantastic ideas for your next Minecraft home. You may be here because you are playing Destiny 2. In that case, we've got the release date for season 17 and a look at all the goodies for the next update.