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These are the steps of a lymphatic massage. Step one: Clearing the lymphatic systems. Your lymphatic system is basically a network of tubes and nodes throughout your body that transport waste products and other substances back to your bone marrow for use and replenishment. A medical condition known as a blockage occurs when one or several of these tubes or nodes becomes blocked. There are many reasons why a blockage can occur. Overproduction of certain glands, disease, fluid buildup in the lungs, kidneys or radiation therapy can all cause blockages. The obstruction can cause the tubes and nodes to become blocked and prevent waste products from reaching the bone marrow.A lymphatic massage clears the lymphatic system of any blocked drain lines. This allows flow to continue normally. In addition to clearing the lymphatic system, a massage also stimulates lymph flow. A normal lymph flow will improve your immune system and give you more energy. You'll feel happier and more relaxed, as well as looking younger. 군포출장마사지 Lymphatic massages stimulate lymphatic drainage and increase circulation. This allows waste products from the body to move more quickly through your lymphatic system. It also reduces swelling, making it easier for you to get rid of them.Step 2: Lymphatic Drainage & Skin Care. This massage begins with a light application to help clear the lymphatic system of any debris or blockage that may be present. Starting at the feet, move up towards your hips. Next, reach your waistline and upper shoulders. Gentle stretches can be used to stretch your lower back, stomach, abdomen, legs, and legs. Do not press too hard. Move in a circular manner and stop once your shoulders feel relaxed.Step 3: Upper Arm, Back Massage. Massage therapy begins with the upper arm. Your thumb and forefinger will gently pull the skin from the outside. Make sure that your elbows are slightly bent as you stretch your upper arm towards the sky. Move toward your stomach but resist the temptation to rub your stomach muscles as this will only add pressure and irritation to the massage.Step Three: Knead the Lower Back. To complete a full-body massage, the third step is to gently stretch your lower back. Your hands should be placed along your lower spine and you can gently stretch forward. Do not force your buttocks toward your spine by pulling them back. Instead, stretch gently in a circular motion. To properly stretch these muscles, you may need to push your back gently.Step Four: Lymphatic Nodes & lymphatic drainage. Step 4: Lymphatic Nodes and lymphatic drainage. For most people, the glands in their hand are the best place to begin this process because they are easier to manipulate. This method may not be enough to give you a relaxing massage. You might consider using a massage oil to soothe your lymph nodes. The massage oil will serve as an essential medium for the release of toxins from your lymphatic nodes.Step Five: Drainage Massage. It's time for the drainage massage. To perform a lymphatic drainage massage, a therapist will position themselves right behind the root of the client's palm and begin tapping the drainage system using smooth, rhythmic strokes. This massage technique offers deep cellular cleansing.It doesn't cost a lot to have a lymphatic treatment. What you need is to understand the basic concepts and techniques that form the basis of any quality lymphatic massage therapy session. It does not cost thousands of dollar to get a lymphatic treatment. All you need is to be able to perform dry brushing body brush technique to properly stimulate the lymphatic system, have some basic massage therapy experience, and be able to move fluid throughout your body efficiently and easily. If you can do these things, you will have no problem performing a successful lymphatic massage on your own!